Tales From The Bridge: All Things Sci-Fi

TFTB Ep.68: Sean Gunn - Trivia from the Bridge

February 22, 2023 BriteBlur Productions
Tales From The Bridge: All Things Sci-Fi
TFTB Ep.68: Sean Gunn - Trivia from the Bridge
Show Notes

We are super delighted to have Sean Gunn join us on TFTB. He is most well known for portraying Kraglin from the Guardians of the Galaxy films, Weasel from Suicide Squad, and Kirk from The Gilmore Girls. We have a great time with this pop quiz that insights conversation about acting in a Troma film, Sean's favourite music, working as a motion capture actor in numerous roles, his buddy Michael Rooker and brother James Gunn, the new Guardians movie that comes to theatres this May, basketball trades, and so much more.

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Singer/songwriter and self proclaimed movie addict, Al Grantham also joined us to compete against Sean in this non-competitive pop quiz. Find his music on bandcamp here.

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