Tales From The Bridge: All Things Sci-Fi

TFTB Ep.82: A chat with Andy Weir

September 20, 2023 BriteBlur Productions Season 3 Episode 2
Tales From The Bridge: All Things Sci-Fi
TFTB Ep.82: A chat with Andy Weir
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 In this episode, we sit down with a fan favourite.  Our listeners already know Andy Weir as the author of The Martian and Project Hail Mary.  We chat about getting books made into movies, how to create a believable alien, and his latest work; Project Hail Mary.  Andy also reveals some Easter eggs for the first time, so be sure to hang out to the end for that. We had a lot of fun with Andy, and we’re sure you’re going to like this one.

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(Cont.) TFTB Ep.82: A chat with Andy Weir